Golden Teacher Mushroom


Golden Teacher mushrooms are one of the many strains of
psilocybe cubensis spores. This psilocybin spore syringe strain
gets its name because the caps of the mushroom have a golden
color when mature. They have darker color psilocybin
spores. Golden Teacher mushrooms have a distinct appearance,
with long, winding stems and wide golden caps. Golden
Teachers spores have mild potency.
Most people will agree that the Golden Teacher liquid culture
results is a great psychedelic mushroom strain for the novice to
begin their research work and journey into the psilocybe
cubensis spores world. Begin with our Golden Teachers Spores
Grow Kit for quality spores.

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Buy Golden Teacher Mushroom Online belongs to the species of psychedelic and is also call as psilocybe cubensis. Psilocin and psilocybin are two major active elements of psychedelic. Golden teacher mushrooms strain has always been a favorite among growers for years.

Both Cultivators and Psychonauts love golden teacher mushrooms because of the fact that they grow quickly and their psychedelic journey has a profound impact respectively.

Psilocybe cubensis species is very easy to cultivate in the home setting and is widely distribute. This is the reason this species is among the well-known psilocybin mushrooms.

History of Golden Teacher Mushroom | Buy Golden teacher mushroom

In 1906, this species is describe for the very first time by Franklin in Cuba as Stropharia cubensis. Almost one year later, Narcisse Theophile identified it as Naematoloma in Tonkin.

Whereas, in 1941, it is name Stropharia cyanescens in Florida by William Alphonso Murrill. After that in the middle of the 1980s, it is giving the name Psilocybe cubensis.

This information spread around quickly because of their look like a yellow cap. They are elegant and quite large in comparison to the other types of psilocybe cubensis.

Psilocybe is derive from the Greek word Psilos that means a thing with a bear head whereas Cubensis meaning is coming directly from Cuba. Some strains of psilocybe cubensis are commonly know as penis envy due to their shape. Buy Golden teacher mushroom online

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It is among one of the most popular psychedelic fungi love by growers and shroomers at the same time. There are various facts about golden teacher mushrooms that play a key role in their popularity. Buy Golden teacher mushroom

Psilocybe cubensis strain is consider so special by the cultivators due to the fact they have an air of mystery. The exact origin of golden teacher mushrooms is still unknown but they are highly recognizable.

golden teacher psilocybin mushrooms​

Golden teacher shrooms consist of a fruiting structure having a partially covered cap with a golden or yellowish colored center. This cap is elegant and larger as compared to any other type of psilocybe cubensis.

Their cap size can be reached up to 8 centimeters in diameter. Their structure has a hollow stipe that is quite thicker towards a base. Golden teachers also have gills and they may vary between white and purplish brown. Buy Golden teacher mushroom Buy Golden Teacher Mushroom Online

golden teacher mushroom dried​ ​

You will get a medium-sized golden teacher mushroom from the first flush but later it becomes flattered as well as larger in comparison to earlier. Their caps become pretty plain when GTs grow to the fullest.

They are less fruiting compared to other Psilocybe cubensis but the good news is they can easily grow even under optimal conditions required for their growth. Just because of this fact, they are more popular and like new cultivators and growers.

Effects of Golden Teacher Mushroom

Golden teachers offer mildly higher psychedelic effects that is why they are considered as a gateway for newbies. They have become more famous due to their spiritual effects and shamanistic characteristics instead of solely tripping.

After consuming golden teacher mushrooms you will start getting a feeling of enlightenment. They are helpful in connecting you to nature. Their name is also derived from their special properties of healing your mind. Buy Golden Teacher Mushroom Online

Major Advantage of Golden Teacher Mushroom

A study was carried out in January 2011. It was known as “Pilot Study of Psilocybin Treatment for Anxiety in Patients with Advanced-Stage Cancer”. It had shown tremendous outcomes while treating various patients with anxiety.

When you go and search to find the biggest disease from which most the young, as well as old people, are suffering across the globe. You will find depression and anxiety at the top. So, they have become more popular to treat patients with anxiety.

Conclusion | Where to buy Golden Teacher Mushroom Online

Now, I’m sure that your guys are well aware of the facts associated with golden teacher mushrooms. I’ve tried my level best to cover most of the things that you need to know about these fungi.

Here, it’s all from today’s article on Golden Teacher Mushroom. Hope you have really enjoyed the content I produced for you. For more such informational content, stay tuned to our platform. I’ll be back very soon.


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